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Wide Range of Applications

Our release coating has been used in tire release molds and other mold applications where a durable mold release is required. Textile and carpet businesses count on our coatings for wear resistance and corrosion protection on their rollers and other parts. Drive rollers and gears used in the laminate and wood flooring industry utilize our metallizing process to give consistent feeding of parts, at a fraction of the cost of new components. If you need a smooth, non-stick covering for machinery or molds of any kind, we can meet your specifications.

Improved Heat Resistance

We offer a propriety release coating that rivals any release coating but offers a more robust and heat resistant surface. Our coating has been specifically created to work effectively in challenging environments where high temperatures are the norm. When it comes to heat resistance our coating can significantly outperforms all other products out there.

Premium Provider in the Southeast

Magellan International has access to the largest process oven for powder coating in the Southeast.  We have coated frames and components up to 20 feet long and give you consistent quality, every time. If you’re involved in any form of industrial production or development and need access to cutting-edge coating products, please ask us how we can help you today. Call (386) 257-3456 or use our online form.