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Magellan's Release Coatings Are Manufactured To Be Highly Effective And Very Efficient.

Release coatings applied on certain parts allow them to perform more consistent minimizing breakdowns even if they haven't been used in a while, without fear of them locking up. The application of our fluoropolmyer coating offers a high level of versatility when using a traditional lubricant.  Other advantages include a reduced coefficient of friction or drag factor on moving parts which allows for a reduction of wear and noise.

Using the highest quality products to manufacture this release coating so we enable a solid bonding to ensure effortless coating and quick curing in a broad range of surfaces.

Magellan International's Release Coatings Can Be Used In a Variety of Industries

The release coatings that we offer are guaranteed to meet the high standards of our discerning customers, as well as adding another layer of lubrication and durability. They include:

  • FluoroClad XIII (PFA/FEP): Is our two coat thermoset system and it can be used in situations that require high-end abrasion resistance and release. It can be applied in thick or thin film and is commonly used for permanent release in various molds that include textile molds, tire molds, plastic release molds, and commercial bake-ware. It is also compliant with FDA Code CFR Title 121, subsection 175.300 guidelines for food contact.
  • FluoroClad SDFCTM: Is ceramic reinforced, two coat water based PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) system that was specifically designed to repel slag buildup and weld splatter.
  • FluoroClad 16 (MMT) is a Micro-Moly Titanium black powder coating that can be applied in film thicknesses ranging from .0005” to .002”. This coating has good release properties along with excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and durability.

Magellan International Always Goes Above and Beyond to Serve Your Needs

We have access to the best metal finishing processes in the country, so our technical coatings are guaranteed. We incorporate limitless amounts of manufacturing processes and substrates to produce the products you need that are tailored to fit your demands. If you would like to hear more, contact us today at (386) 257-3456.


Magellan International's Release Coatings Are Carefully Engineered To Be Highly Proficient And Can Be Used In A Variety Of Industrial Uses.