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Magellan International is proud to offer our customers an industry-leading product known as Diamonite; a patented liquid auto-catalytic hard plating system. The nickel-boron coating of Diamonite is very resistant to wear and extremely durable.

Benefits are numerous with this type of nickel plating, the manufacturing process offers many benefits to include:

  • Harder than other nickel-based coatings
  • Provides a uniform, anti-rust coating that eliminates burnishing (or post-plate grinding)
  • Its overall wear properties are superior to those of hard chromium
  • Hardness range between 68-72 Rc
  • Works well with dry film lubricants
  • 0.44 coefficient of friction

Superior Protection with Nickel Boron Coating

The use of this electroless nickel plating technology is used to coat the components in many industries such as:

  • Automotive (inner and outer hubs, transmission thrust washers, etc.)
  • Aerospace (variable vanes, landing gear components, etc.)
  • Oil and Gas (downhole oil pumps and ball valves)
  • Firearms (bolt & carrier groups for AR 15's, mechanisms for triggers, every day shooters and competition)
  • Forestry (saw blades of all shapes and sizes)

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction Is Paramount

Magellan International specialty coatings are among the best in the industry. Our Cim-One firearms plating is recognized for its superior wear resistance as well as its ability to be cleaned easily. This ensures round after round of jam free operation, even in the harshest of environments. Our wire-arc thermal spray coatings are affordable, long lasting, and extremely durable. We provide powder coating that is used in both the aerospace and textile industries and we offer hard-anodizing in an assortment of colors, giving you numerous options for customization.

We are also leaders in the industry when it comes to specialty finishing processes like shot peening, vibratory burnishing, abrasive blasting, and centrifugal polishing. To learn more about how nickel boron coating and our other specialty coatings can be of benefit to you, call us today at (386) 257-3456


Magellan International Diamonite Anti-Rust Coating Delivers Superior Frictionless Abrasion Resistance