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A good letter from one of our customer's

Tue, Dec 22, 2020 at 12:35PM

A good letter from one of our customer's

Below is a nice letter from one of our customers....I have removed his name and information because we have a confidential agreement with all of our partners and customers. 


To the Guys at DAYTONA1:


Well I’ve been a customer for a while. Primarily using the C5 blue. Awesome product. We used the C5 all season. Due to Covid and some other situations we only ran 19 races. Won 4 and finished in the top 5 a total of 7 times.  

Like I said in the original letter for our retreads that we run in our class using some tire treatment is the dirty secret. Since I came from a karting background I was familiar with the standard tire treatments on the market. 

The things I like about your products is the ease of use, the fact you don’t have any tell tale odors and they don’t break down the tire like the other treatments. 

So yes, I’m a satisfied customer. In fact when I purchase your product at my local dealer, I call and have it bagged so no fellow competitors can see me with it! 

Again, thanks for the response and feel free to use my words in promoting your awesome product 



Satisfied Customer

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