Industrial Lubricants
Air Compressor Fluids
Gallon  $49.95

Performance Advantages

Over the course of more than 20 years, Magellan's founders have built an indisputable reputation for expertise in supplying air compressor lubricants and an in-depth knowledge of the applications that you will encounter everyday.  Our understanding of the lubrication requirements of these systems combined with our proprietary blending techniques allow us to manufacture lubricants of the highest quality.  It's how we deliver on your expectations and provide the best lubrication products possible.


Benefits Of Magellan Air Compressor Lubricants:

  • Full top-off compatibility, no flushing required
  • Rated 100% fluid life at 212°F (100°C)
  • Superior oxidative resistance and carbon/varnish control
  • Readily separate from water to minimize rusting and viscosity dilution
  • Enhanced protection against rust, corrosion and wear 

 We now offer our specially engineered compressor lube for dive operations.  This food grade lube meets the tough demands of filling air tanks for divers.  You'll feel confident knowing you're keeping your customers safe any any depth.

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