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All Purpose Leak Stop

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Magellan International All-Purpose Leak Stop has been specially formulated to stop small leaks in evaporators and condensers as well as around gaskets and seals. Unlike some competitive leak-stop formulations, Magellan International All-Purpose Leak Stop does not contain any polymers. Polymer-based formulations have the tendency to harden, clogging critical components and leading to expensive repairs. Magellan International All-Purpose Leak Stopis designed for safe use in most automotive AC systems.


  1. Start car engine and set AC control to coldest setting.
  2. Insert 2 ounces of All-Purpose Leak Stop into oil injector.
  3. Connect oil injector to low-side service port.
  4. Recharge system with refrigerant (consult owner’s manual).




  • Stops small leaks in evaporators, condensers, gaskets, seals and valves
  • Non-hardening, polymer-free formulation
  • Formulated for safe use in most automotive AC systems
  • Compatible with POE, PAG and mineral-oil-based automotive AC lubricants
  • Effective within 15-30 minutes