Boumeester Wreaking Havoc

Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 4:00PM

Daytona1 Team Driver

Team Daytona1 Driver Jared Boumeester Burns Up The Track For Wins 15, 16, 17 & 18 Of The Season!

The evening of September 1st brought the #81 to Fairmont, MI for the USRA Iron Man Show Special. The Out-Pace USRA B-mod main event would be a caution free mad dash. Boumeester started in the 5th slot and by lap #5 took over the lead. Over the final 10 laps, the #81 would keep pulling away from everyone crossing the finish line some 7 seconds ahead of the field! Win #15.

Two days later on September 3rd the #81 crew would find themselves at Deer Creek for the Labor Day Dual. The Feature Event this night would be the Wissota Auto Racing Midwest Modified Division series. Boumeester would take his heat race which set himself up nicely for the main event. Out of a field of 21 racers the #81 finished the race 1st for his 16th win of the season!

Then on September 17th the 'wrecking crew' rolled into Marshall Town for the World Nationals. The feature event would be a 25 lap Sport Mod division class and on lap #10, Boumeester powered into first place. The #81 never looked back at the 24 car field for win #17 on the year!

On the very next night with the motor still warm from win #17, Boumeester would challenge the field in the Mason City Champions Night. He found himself in the 13th slot at the drop of the green flag with gloves that hadn't even dried yet from last night's race. None of it mattered because he whipped thru the turns and saw the checkered flag first for his 18th win of the season!

Daytona1 Congratulates Jared Boumeester and his entire crew on his multiple wins!


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