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CimCoate Z-9

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Cimcoate Z-9 was designed to protect commercial and industrial applications in these extremely harsh areas. Cimcoate products work exceptionally well on Bridges, stairs, railings, gates, fences and numerous structures highly effected by the harsh results of salt, sand, sun, and water. By using Cimcoate Z-9 you will also reduce or eliminate corrosion, periodic maintenance and cleaning.


  • Salt and Sun Resistant
  • Minimizes Maintenance
  • Enhances Durability of Substrates and restores color
  • Resist UV degradation
  • Dries clear, will not chalk, fade, peel, crack or yellow
  • Rust and Corrosion In- hibitor
  • Eliminates oxidation of coated material
  • Reduces algae, barna- cles, mold and oils