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Daytona 1 SS (Super Stop) Leak

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Daytona 1 SS (Super Stop) Leak has been specially formulated to stop small leaks in evaporators and condensers as well as around gaskets and seals.  Unlike some competitive products Daytona 1 SS contains no polymers that tend to harden and clog inside critical parts that could lead to expensive repairs.  Therefore, Daytona 1 SS (Super Stop) Leak is safe for use in most automotive AC systems.



(1)  start car engine, turn on A/C and set control to coldest settings

(2)  insert 2 ounces of Daytona 1 SS into oil injector

(3)  connect oil injector into low side of service port

(4)  recharge system as prescribed by owner's manual



4 OZ bottle ........... $9.95

8 OZ bottle ........... $19.90

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  • stops leaks around gaskets & O-rings
  • stops leaks in evaporators, condensers, gaskets, seals and valves
  • great for engines & transmissions
  • hydraulic systems
  • non-hardening, polymer-free formulation
  • compatible with POE, PAG and mineral-oil based lubricants
  • effective within 15 - 30 minutes