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Daytona1 Launches 2016 Team Daytona1 Contingency Program

Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 3:20PM

All Racers,
Now You have an opportunity to join an exclusive club and be an Official Team Daytona 1 Team Racer.  Because you are part of our team you also have exclusive access to "Free stuff" through the year. We do want all of you, however we must make this offer for a limited time.  When the season gets into full swing it will be a Members only, and by invitation only opportunity. So drivers, register today, and please share this with your buddies.  Lets build the Daytona1 family with Great People, Great Racers and Great Teams. 



If you are not an official Team Daytona1 racer contact a participating Daytona1 Dealer near you and join our team today!

Team members are eligible for our 2016 Contingency Program. When you take the checkered flag and visit the winners circle….take a picture and email it to us. We will send you a replacement product out of your original Go-Fast Kit…..Your Choice FREE.

You will also be qualified for an OFFICIAL DAYTONA1 CHAMPIONS JACKET.  

To gain more performance, horsepower, faster lap times, poles, and wins... keep reading. As you know, Performance and Quality is our optimum goal as we manufacture the highest quality products available in Racing today. Using them, you will have the confidence to know your equipment will perform better, go faster, and last longer. You will also have, “that extra something,” that helps you go to the front and ultimately, “Take The Checkered Flag”!!!!



A. Each participating team shall visibly affix two (2) 5 X 16 inch Daytona1 decals on the race car,
one on the left side and one on the right side. The decals will be supplied to each participating team at
no cost.
B. Teams shall commit to a one time purchase at manufacturers cost a Daytona1 Go-Fast Kit
$146.68 for asphalt and $168.65 for dirt cars. This package includes the following items; (1) 16 oz.
XL-1 Engine Treatment, 4 quarts of Gear Lube, 30/60 or 75/90 racers choice, (1) 32 oz. Racing Power
Steering Fluid, **(1) 32 oz Dirt Track Trans Fluid, (1) 4 oz. Professional Spray Lube, (1) 16.5 oz. Detail Spray Wax, (2) large 16” X 5” Daytona1 decals

** 32 oz. Dirt Track Trans Fluid only for dirt track cars with purchase of the $168.65 kit.


C. As an extra 'Thank You' for becoming a Team Daytona1 Member, when we receive your registration card (located at the top of the purchase page) and a picture of you next to your race car displaying our logo, we will send you a Team Daytona1 shirt and a Team Daytona1 Racing hat. And, we will feature you on our website, as well as our Daytona1 facebook page.


A. The following are guidelines when a driver wins a race;

  • (1) Take a photograph with a clearly visible Daytona1 decal in winners circle
  • (2) Email picture (within 7 days) to We will then promote the winner on the Daytona1 website and Face Book page. 

B. When the winning driver follows the two steps above, that driver will be eligible for (1)
one free replacement product of his/her choice that was originally included in that particular Go-Fast
Kit, or a Daytona1 shirt.
C. No limit is imposed on any driver/team with regards to number of wins in that years season.
If you win (5) five times during the season you will receive (5) five free products of your choice, one
for each single win when following our guidelines as shown above.
D. A Bad A$$ Team Daytona1 Champions Jacket will be presented to the Division Champions.
I want to welcome you to the 2016 Daytona1 Team and wish you continued
success throughout this 2016 season. If at anytime you have any questions regarding our products or a
lubrication issue with your race car please contact us with your question at or by
calling 386.257.3456.

Remember, We want all of you, however we must make this offer for a limited time....... so

Gentleman, start your engines.............

Daytona1 Launches 2016 Team Daytona1 Contingency Program

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