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Daytona1 Partners With FTI Performance

Mon, Dec 05, 2016 at 3:00PM

Daytona1 Partners With FTI Performance

Press Release:

FTI releases new High Performance Automatic Transmission Fluid 
manufactured by Daytona One Performance lubricants.

Greg Samuel, President of FTI, manufacturers of Racing Torque Converters 
and Transmissions recognized a need in the Racing community for a truly 
perfect Transmission fluid that is designed for the environment in which 
these high performance transmissions reside. "It has to have consistent 
pressure across a large temperature gradient, handle heat and reduce 
wear, last longer and perform better". ...Greg said as he contacted Buck 
Parker of Daytona 1 Performance Lubricants and formed an alliance. Greg 
chose Parker and Daytona 1 because of their proven ability to solve 
problems and create high performing lubricants for extreme demand 
industries, such as NASA where commonplace technology will not survive. 
Parker was personally inducted into the NASA Space Technology Hall of 
Fame for developing lubricants and solving a major issue for them. 

To Quote Greg "If we are going to put our name on a’s going to be 
synonymous with our company, and must be the best."

And now, after almost two years of development and testing we are proud 
to announce we will be introducing FTI RACING AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 
FLUID at PRI (Performance Racing Industries) showcase event in 
Indianapolis. Please stop by booth # 1537 and visit with us. Product developer, 
Buck Parker, will be on hand to help launch and answer questions about our new and 
innovative lubricant.

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