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Daytona 1Gear Oils have been designed to be the "Fastest Gear Lube" in the world today by reducing Parasitic Drag, Heat, Friction and Wear. This “Defrictionation™ Process” gives a race car superior protection, delivers enhanced lubricity performance, along with the added benefit of excellent protection from corrosion. These oil has been formulated to reduce downtime, failures, enhance performance and give extended life. Each rear end is different, however the majority of 8 and 9 inch Fords as well as Quick Change have seen an increase in performance and horsepower delivered to the rear wheels. Hendren Race engines Dyno test showed (on a Winter’s Quick Change) 3 ½ horsepower gain delivered to the rear wheels when tested against other racing gear lubes.

 Steve and Mike Hendren (“We ran the 30/60 for an entire season in the house car. At the end of the season the oil looked as new as it did when we started. So did the gears” A Great Product”.)

Product comes in 30/60 and 75/90.     Click Buy Now for options.


Quart................... $22.08


5 Gals...................$322.07

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Our XL-1 Engine Treatment is a great match with the gear lube for added torque and horsepower to the rear wheels. 


"I decided to try the 30/60 gear lube in the rear-end.  I could feel the difference and it really quieted down the rear-end chatter."

Chris Pendleton - South Carolina