Car Care
Graffiti Remover
Comes in 15 oz spray can  $10.74

Daytona1 Graffiti Remover works flawlessly in removing marks caused by Spray Paint, Crayon, Lipstick and Inks.  It works great on removing greasy hand prints and tire rub marks off cars.

Easy to use; spray directly on marked surface, let stand for 30 seconds then wipe with a clean cloth.  For old or difficult marks, spray again, let stand for 60 seconds before wiping.

Some extreme cases may require a stiff brush and work into stained area, wipe off again.

Can be used on brick, tile, steel, brass, chrome, enamel, glass, marble, formica, porcelain and many other surfaces.


As with all chemicals, some synthetic surfaces such as asphalt tile, rubber, certain paints and plastics may be damaged by solvents.  If in doubt  as to the type of surface, try in a small hidden area first. 

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