Off Road
Grip-Bite Black Traction

You asked for it and now its here !

A product that works quick! Over night....Treat your tires today and race tomorrow (for most tires)

Yes...its a very aggressive product and normally drops the Durometer reading about 4 points (depending on the tire) with one treatment.  

WHATS BETTER it Gives you Grip and Bite without sitting all week.

( We recommend using Grip-Bite Black only once and then access the tire for softness.  Treat with Blue or Green for subsequent treatments for longer life )


Buff or Grind as normal;

Strip using Aqua X

Let dry, bone dry

Apply Black Traction using a small nap roller or spray.

Wrap with plastic (If you have several days before racing)

If racing within a day or so, leave unwrapped and lay tire on side and let dry


72 + OZ Bottle

UPS Shipping; $10.95 flat rate orders over $250.00 FREE

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