Off Road
Grip-Bite I-4 Tire Treatment (Green)
72 oz bottle $77.92

Cut, grind, clean and treat.  A once and done treatment, treat on Sunday or Monday and race the weekend, it's that easy.

With over 2 years research and development this revolutionary product is in a class of its own.  It's a non toxic environmentally safe product that works great.  A very unusual feature because most tire preps on the market today are very toxic.

By using this Tire Treatment you can reduce lap times, increase tire life, works on dirt or asphalt, is non-toxic and is very easy to apply!  One treatment will normally give you a fast tire.  A very hard tire may require a second coat. 

One of the great features about this product is the no odor when applying it.  The no odor gives you an edge so the entire pit area will not know you're treating or have treated your tires.  You don't need a chemical suit with breathing apparatus!  It's best to apply this product to your tires after cleaning with our Aqua, roll it on with a paint roller, outside, inside or both.  You can wrap the tire in plastic wrap for a few days and then remove the wrap and let dry fully or just let it air dry before mounting on the car.  Our Green will cure faster then the Blue for day before or day of racing treatment.  Will pass a 'sniff' test and a durometer test as well.  You will get a set of detailed instructions when ordering. 

For more information, see our tech tips section.

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