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Is Tire Treating Changing The Sport?

Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 3:05PM

Is Tire Treating Changing The Sport?


Is it Tire Treating or is it really...Tire Tuning?? Is it Cheating, or is it actually the use of new technology to help all of racing??

(These questions are answered below)


Are they forward thinking?...Are they being a Champions of the sport?...Is it Bravery to go where no one else in the sport does. Are they truly creating a new and innovative way forward?


The folks at I 94 Speedway are truly, not afraid to “Swing for the fence.”


Can we help a sport that is faltering because of the huge expense of always buying new tires? How can we change our thinking? How can we build a new division, class and/or series? How can we bring more racers and cars to the track?


Is it possible to do all the above simply by making a change? Hard to believe isn’t it…Read ON…I think you just might see a new, positive, and innovative way of helping our sport grow.


Scott Engfer and the late Dick Johanneck had a vision. It looks like we're throwing a lot of tires away. Can we get the cost down for racers? Let us allow divisions to use the take-offs of other divisions.... allow them to recondition and/or "Tune Up" the tires anyway they want... grind, sipe, and yes… even treat the tires using any manner they wish.


Scott brought this idea to the Owner of I 94 Speedway.... Don Shaw. Don is a racer himself and knows the pain and cost of buying new tires every week. he said "I think this could help our guys. Let's see if we can grow and use this cost-effective way of racing....and with the help of racers and everyone at I 94. these 3 men started, and are growing, a new chapter in racing. It’s a new way of helping racers and the track at the

same time. They truly developed a Win/Win/Win situation, and it works!


The rest is currently making history in racing. This new series, the Cliff Viessman Late Model Series, is buying the take offs of upper divisions. Selling to other divisions which allows the racer to treat their tires and race just as competitive as ever. Good tires are not being thrown in the trash just because they have been used for 20 or 30 laps. The track itself is growing. The car count is up and the morale is at the top!!!


How does the process flow?


The upper division starts the process buying new tires, and after a race they sell their used tires to a lower division. the money they receive for the used tires helps them buy new tires. the lower division gets good tires they use to race with for a small price. And then...for about $10 and a little work. the lower division can recondition and "Tune Up the tire" giving it good as new life and feel to go racing. Everybody Wins!

It allows racing to be more affordable... puts more cars on the track. stops the track owner or promoter from having to cut and sample tires which saves them time and money… and yes even has an environmental element of recycling that helps keep tires out of the land fill.


Don Shaw, Scott Engfer and Dick Johanneck at I 94 Speedway took a chance to test something that goes against the grain and conventional years old thinking. They have blazed the trail and proven that there is a better way.


The new series is called the Cliff Viessman Late Model Series and sponsored by Cliff Viessman Trucking company. It is one of the fastest growing series in the area. And why? It’s simple, they can go race, be extremely competitive, and have a blast without breaking the bank.


Just maybe tracks across America will see what's happening and what can happen with a little work and forward thinking. Maybe even embrace the change. Now more than ever when tires are hard to come by this process could really help. Everybody knows the racer wants and needs their tires to last longer and handle better. they all

want to win and be very competitive. But nobody likes paying big money for tires every time you turn around.


Scott realized quickly that degrading or softening the tire the way people used to do would not be the answer. The tire would not last and after a few laps give up, wear quickly and blister. He had to find a system that continued to help the tire last and be competitive. Fortunately, Scott is an open minded innovator.


In came Chad Moeller, owner of Advanced Performance Technology, an authorized dealer for Daytona1Performance Lubricants. Chad worked with Late Model driver Kris Wilke to put this Advanced Tire Technology to the test over the last year. The result of incorporating the Daytona 1 Grip Bite System gave amazing results in tire performance and tire longevity. Plus keeping tire cost to a minimum. To Quote racer Kris Wilkie" My tires handle like new ones".


Chad used the Grip Bite System Aqua, Blue and Green with amazing results. He treated and/or Tuned Up the used take off tires and gave them a like new feel. Gave them new life and gave Kris "a car he could once again feel under him."


They realized this process made a tire that had as good or better grip as a new one and that it lasted longer...all for about $10 a tire ...what a bonus. The racers can actually "Tune up their tires" using the Grip Bite Series of tire preps....


We want to take our hats off to the innovators and true leaders at I-94 Speedway, Don Shaw, Scott Engfer and the late Dick Johanneck for their willingness to take a chance and make our sport better.

As a side note from the Man himself … “If there are any promoters, track owners or operators that would like information about the series,” Scott welcomes you to call him and gave us the OK to list his direct number: 302-699-9051.

I 94 Speedway


***DAYTONA1 Performance Lubricants has given racers the Patent Pending "PTRO Racing Oil System" for the 602,604, and 525 Crate engines....all the while "Tuning Race Oils" specifically with the track, car, engine, temperature and application being the center of the formulation decisions. And they're the "Fastest Oils In the World".


DAYTONA1 also gave us the "Fastest Gear oils in the world" leading the pack with the 30/60 taking away parasitic drag and dropping Quick Change gears 20 degrees. allowing the crew to "bear hand" gears when they change them.


And now Daytona1 is giving us the Grip-Bite Tire Treatments that allow us to actually recondition and add new life to older race tires. And yes, you can truly Tune the tires by treating the tires Grip and Bite in different degrees. You can relax the tire in specific areas and allow the patch to stay firmly planted on the track surface. You decide if you tune a little or tune a lot!!


The Grip-Bite systems in fact allow the tires to last longer because a tire that does not spin as much...does not wear as much. That’s why Grip Bite Products are so important…Unlike other tire treatments….Grip Bite Products are not designed to soften and/or degrade the tire.. If you drop your Durometer over 10 points, you might just be killing your tire.


Grip Bite Blue, Green, and Aqua work as a team to relax your tire and bring it back to a like new feel...and...bottom line. give you Grip and Bite so your car really "Hooks Up".





Grip-Bite BlueGrip-Bite AquaGrip-Bite Green


Edward “Buck” Parker

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