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PTRO 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Racing Oil

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When you talk high performance engines whether full race or all out street motors, your oil is the life blood of your investment.  If you expect ultimate performance from your engine need to use the ultimate oil., our 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Purpose Tuned Racing Oil (PTRO) was designed just for you.

This oil has been fortified with the tried and true XL-1 Engine Treatment already blended in for that extra horsepower, torque and anti-wear properties.  You will also prevent valve, cam and bearing wear when using this oil.  You can't help but feel the difference when you "Run With The Best!!

PTRO designed for flat tappet or hydraulic lifter engines, running a turbo charger, supercharger, or naturally aspirated.


Single Quarts $13.95 ea

Gallon          $47.50


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  • Premium Synthetic Race Oil
  • Formulated For High Performance Turbo Charged, Supercharged Engines
  • Blended With XL-1 Engine Treatment
  • Reduces Wear and Lowers Temps
  • Increases Horsepower and Torque
  • Prevents Valve, Cam and Bearing Wear
  • Just Pour in and Race