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Penetrating Professional Spray Lube

Contractor Pack $192.00

The only true…..”

Professional Spray Lube

”….and here is why?


 is specifically designed to be multifunctional and lubricate all type metals as well as plastics.

  • Cleans as it works 
  • Penetrates into the tiniest orifices 
  • Dissolves rust and/or removes contaminates
  • Does not attract dirt or elements
  • Displaces and repels moisture

Where has PSL been proven the best in its field?


Cleans, lubricates, protects all types. Especially great in automatic weapons.

Fishing Rods and Reels

Keep on equipment for rust and water displacement as well as heat reduction in fighting reels.

Bike Chains

Both motorcycle and racing bicycles, cleans lubricates and helps keep chain free of dirt and grime.

Industrial chains

Use anywhere lubrication and protection is needed and where lint and dust are issues.

Household Uses

Use anywhere lubrication is needed….Hinges, garage doors, locks, etc. Be especially careful after lubricating sliding glass doors…to quote one customer, “it freed it up and moved so smoothly I almost broke the glass.


Use on all metal and plastic parts to protect from salt, sun and the elements. Helps keep electrical connections from corroding.

Do not spray in traffic areas as floor will be slippery.


  • 6 oz. Spray Can  ..............$9.89

  • Contractor Pack ( 24 count ) $8.00 each ($192.00)
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