Racing Motor Oil
Pro Elite D1-4

Pro Elite D1-4 is a Fully Synthetic 5W-40 Designed and Engineered for Optimum Race Performance in Four Stroke sport bikes, cruisers, touring, adventure, and Quads


  • Produces Optimum Power, Acceleration and torque
  • Reduces Heat, Friction and Wear
  • Positive Clutch Engagement
  • Smooth Confident Shifts


Introducing Pro Elite D1-4...the best Race Oil in the World !

If you love your bike and wish to give it the absolute best, then this is it.

Designed to last 2 times longer than your factory oils, protect twice as well, and give more power.


Pro Elite D1-4 is designed using the newest generation base stocks, our PTRO Technology, and proprietary additive packages. Making it the best oil in the world for the professional racer as well as the weekend sportsman wanting nothing but the best. Outstanding clutch feel with no slippage or grabbing. Smoother operating with exceptional thermal stability allows this oil to last longer and go faster than any competitor.




If you're going to Beat the have to.... RUN WITH THE BEST!!    


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