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Racing Hub Oil ( RHO )
32 oz Bottle $24.09

Daytona1 fully synthetic Racing Hub Oil is the key to 'free floating' your spindles for effortless rotation of tires.  

As always proper oil/fluid levels are critical to the performance of your hubs.  Racing Hub Oil comes in a 32 oz bottle and is made in the USA.


Oil Level:

Important: Proper Oil Level is critical to the Performance of your hubs. To Fill, rotate the hub so the oils fill level is positioned between 8 and 9 o’clock.

  Front:   Fill oil until oil level reaches bottom of the Oil/Fill Level Plug…Approximately 6 oz.

 Rear:   Fill Oil until the level reaches the bottom of the Spindle. Approximately 6 oz… Do not over fill.    Overfilling will result in oil entering your side tubes.

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