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Universal Leak Detection Dye

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Magellan International 4199 has been formulated to assist users in determining the location of leaks in a wide variety of applications. This ultraconcentrated formulation contains a powerful dye that will highlight most leaks when exposed to UV light. 



Add to existing fluid



1% of system volume


Typical Properties:

 Lubrication Properties  4199
 Appearance:  Clear and bright
 Flash Point (°F):  420
 Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt): 40 
 Shelf life: 1 year 




  • UV leak detection dye
  • Will not harm system components 
  • Formulated for use in:
    • Automotive AC systems
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Hydraulic systems
  • Highly concentrated formulation
  • Compatible with all types of rubber material
  • Compatible with all automotive AC, engine, transmission and hydraulic lubricants
  • Very high flash point