Tech Tips
Insights To Stay In The Race

We've put together a collection of tech tips.

Does Your Car Fall Off At The End Of A Race?

Answer - You still have tires and grip but the power is just not what it was?  What happened?

Well the car did not fall off....The car is mechanical and the parts do not what does?  Why would you loose power?

Could it be your oil?....Is it because the temperature is getting high?....Is my motor going bad? ...Or is it just the driver??

How To Prep Your Race Tires Successfully

Answer - Our Gripe-Bite Blue and Green is a once and done tire prep, you won't be treating your tires every night till you race.  Cut, grind and then clean with our Aqua to properly prepare the tire surface then treat with Blue or Green.  Treat on Sunday or Monday and race on the weekend, it's that easy!

Defrictionate Your Car to Free it Up and Go Faster!

Answer - Buck Parker, inductee in the NASA Technology Hall of Fame, is well known as a lubrication specialist. He has now turned his attention from rockets to race cars. His company, Daytona 1, produces lubricants tailored for racing. We asked Buck if he could share some secrets on making cars go faster. He told us, “There is hidden power, torque and energy in every racecar. It gets lost and/or consumed in the drivetrain, and gets attacked by friction and drag from many outside as well as internal elements.